The following are the names of famous Scottish-Americans:


Alexander Hamilton Statesman, 1st Sec. of Treasury, on of main authors of the Federalist essays. Father was Scottish
Patrick Henry Patriot, orator
John D. Witherspoon Educator, Statesman, and only clergyman to sign the Declaration of Independence. Ancestor of actress Reese Witherspoon
Capt. William Kidd Pirate off of Long Island in the 1690s. Son of a Scottish Presbyterian minister
J. M. Barrie Scottish Novelist that wrote Peter Pan
Daniel Boone Frontiersman and pioneer of Ulster Scottish ancestry
Christopher “Kit” Carson Buffalo hunter and western frontiersman
William Rogers Clark Army office and explorer
Davy Crocket Frontiersman, congressman and defender of the Alamo
James Mackay Born Arrichliney, Scotland, traveled and mapped area as far west as the Rockies. Moved to St. Charles, MO around 1796 and became commandant. Was awarded 46,000 acres in St. Charles and Lincoln Counties. Consulted with Meriwether Lewis about his maps before Lewis & Clark Expedition. Built the 1st brick house in St. Louis in 1819.
Stephen A. Douglas Civil War era congressman and senator
Flora MacDonald Helped Prince Charles escape prison and his pursuers. Immigrated to the Carolinas for a period of time.
Bess Truman (Elizabeth Virginia Wallace) First Lady and wife of President Harry S. Truman
Mary Lyon Pioneer if advancing education for women in the U.S. and the first school principal in the U.S.
Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse Graduate of Edinburgh University Medical School and co-founder of Harvard Medical School
Elinore Pruitt Stewart Author and homesteader who wrote a book, “Letters of a Woman Homesteader” in the early 1900s describing the trials of a woman homesteader
Marie L. McLaughlin Author of the book, “Myths of the Sious”. She was 1/4 Sioux. Her maternal grandfather was Captain Duncan Graham, a Scotsman by birth.
Sam Houston Father of Texas independence and 1st President of Texas
Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson Confederate Civil War General
John Paul Jones Naval hero of the Revolution and founder of the U. S. Navy
Henry Knox Revolutionary War leader, advisor to George Washington, 1st Secretary of War and namesake of Ft. Knox
Douglas MacArthur World War I hero and Supreme Commander in World War II
William “Billy” Mitchell Great pioneer of naval air power and the aircraft carrier
George S. Patton Great and controversial General of World War II
James Ewell “Jeb” Stuart Brave and resourceful Confederate Cavalry officer of the Civil War
Phillip D. Armour U.S. Meat Packer and founder of Illinois Institute of Technology
Andrew Carnegie Industrial genius & philanthropist
Donald W. Douglas Founder of Douglas Aircraft Company
James McDonnell Pioneer aircraft builder and founder of McDonnell Aircraft Co.
Allan Pinkerton Born Glasgow, Scotland and a cooper by trade. Immigrated to Chicago 1842 and worked as deputy sheriff. Started the Pinkerton Detective Agency.
Sam Wilson Businessman and meat packer from Troy, New York whose parents immigrated from Scotland. Sold meat to the U. S. Army during the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. Labeled his barrels with the stamp “U.S.” which came to be known as “Uncle Sam”.
Duncan Phyfe Famous early American craftsman and cabinetmaker whose name became synonymous with quality furniture
John Macintosh Father emigrated from Inverness, Scotland. Developed the Macintosh red apple.
Bette Nesmith Graham Clerk typist that invented a product that made her rich, Liquid Paper.
James Pollock Responsible for putting “In God We Trust” on U.S. coinage
Juliette Gordon Low 2nd Generation Scot and founder of the Girl Scouts in the United States
Judy Garland Famous actress whose grandparents were from Aberdeen, Scotland
Bonnie Raitt Popular activist, songwriter, guitarist and singer. Daughter of John Raitt.
Grandma Moses Famous folk artist born Anna Mary Robertson and a known descendent of a Mayflower passenger
Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel Founder of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey distillery
Cyrus McCormick Founder of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company which became International Harvester
Vincent Damon Furnier (Alice Cooper) Rock Singer
Neil Armstrong Astronaut
Jim Bowie Frontiersman and defender of the Alamo
John Hancock Patriot and most famous signer of the Declaration of Independence
Victoria Kaiulani Cleghorn Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Hawaii, sister of Queen Liliiuokalani and daughter of Scotsman Archibald Cleghorn.
Martha “Mittie” Bulloch Roosevelt First Lady and wife of President Theodore Roosevelt
Katharine Hepburn 3 time Academy Award winning stage and screen actress and direct descendent of James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Boswell.
Winfield Scott General that served in 3 of the nation’s wars, U.S. Army Chief for 20 years. His grandfather fought at the Battle of Culloden.
Claire McCardell Fashion designer and pioneer in women’s ready-to-wear clothing who revolutionized fashion design with the invention of the stretch leotard.
Marilyn Monroe Actress and sex symbol. Born Norma Jean Mortenson, her mother was a Monroe from Scotland and related to President Monroe
Larry McMurtry Prolific American writer and screen writer. 1st novel, “Horseman, Pass By” was filmed as “Hud”. Other novels that were filmed are “The Last Picture Show”, Lonesome Dove, “Brokeback Mountain” and “Terms of Endearment”.
Mary Astor Actress
Tallulah Bankhead Actress
Lucille Ball Actress
Yvonne DeCarlo Actress
Johnny Cash Singer, actor and TV Host
Joan Baez Singer, songwriter, activist whose mother was born in Edinburgh.
Roseanne Cash Singer, songwriter and daughter of Johnny Cash

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